The Possessions of Lee Harvey Oswald

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A new research presentation which takes a look into the history of Lee Harvey Oswald through an examination of his possessions. New clues and leads, as well as important information about his background, are uncovered in this 10 part study. Please click the link below.

“The Possessions of Lee Harvey Oswald”


7 thoughts on “The Possessions of Lee Harvey Oswald

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

        In my opinion, the fact that no boxes of ammunition were found among Oswald’s possessions is a big problem for the WC and its defenders. If the official version of events were true, there should have been three boxes of ammo left over. One for the MC, one for the Western Winchesters, and one for the Remington Peters bullets.

        The WC could only account for 5 bullets for the MC out of a box of 20 and 15 bullets for the handgun out of 40 bullets. What became of the unused ammo for both weapons? How were 3 boxes of ammo transported to and from New Orleans without being noticed by Marina and Ruth Paine. The WC version of events is not credible.

        We are indebted to Sylvia for raising this point.

        Your thoughts.


  1. I meant to write Sylvia Meagher, author of Accessories After The Fact. She was the only researcher I am aware of who pointed out this strange anomaly regarding the missing ammo.


  2. Hi Eric,

    Interestingly, I found an inventory listing for 36 spent Carcano shell casings that were picked up from a Dallas shooting range, which indicates that someone in the DFW Metro area had been recently practicing with a Carcano. It didn’t say which shooting range, so there is no way to know whether or not it was the same shooting range(s) Oswald had been spotted at (I think there is more than one story of him at a shooting range, going from memory here). But, yes, there were no accouterments of rifle shooting found among Oswald’s possessions. No additional ammo (other than the pistol bullets found in his pocket), no boxes for the ammo, no rifle case (there was a pistol holster), no gun oil, no cleaning cloths, etc. In fact, the rifle was in pitiful condition… but, that is a totally different topic. Sylvia Meagher was great. Love her index to the Warren Report. Big fan of the first generation researchers over here.


    1. The WC rejected the claim of several witness from the Sports Dome Rifle Range that Oswald had practiced shooting there on various occasions before the assassination. The WC took the position that the Oswald lookalike couldn’t be Oswald because he was supposed to be somewhere else at the time these sightings took place. It also pointed out that the descriptions in many cases didn’t match Oswald and they would have contradicted the WC’s claim that Oswald couldn’t drive a car, among other reasons (Accessories After The Fact, pg 370-371). Some of the descriptions were probably flawed but the testimony by Homer and Sterling Wood seems very solid. Apparently, it didn’t occur to the WC that Ruth Paine and Marina were lying about Oswald’s whereabouts on these various occasions. Curiously enough, this Oswald or his twin brother lookalike was deadly accurate with his weapon. In contrast, based on Oswald’s service record, the real Oswald was a mediocre marksman at best.

      Not long ago, there was a video that appeared on TV probably in 1964 before the WC issued its findings and its rejection of this story about the sightings at the Sports Dome Rifle Range. In the video, they interviewed several witnesses, including Malcom Price, who sighted in the rifle for “Oswald”. Here is the URL. It appears that this video was taken down.

      PS. I believe that no cleaning kit was found among his possessions which is strange given Marina’s claim that Oswald cleaned the MC four or five times (Case Closed, pg. 112).


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